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Zhejiang Judong Co., Ltd. carries out red Education -- inheriting red gene

Release time:2019-10-26    Browse times:1565

On July 7, 2019, the Party branch of Zhejiang Judong Co., Ltd. organized party members and activists to come to sanmenting town to trace the red footprints.

      In 1928, the uprising by the pavilion under the leadership of the Communist Party of China broke out on the Bank of Sanmen lake, which started the first uprising in eastern Zhejiang Province and ignited the fire of the armed revolution.

      The first Red Army team in Zhejiang Province and the first Soviet regime were set up beside the pavilion, which became "the first floating red flag in Zhejiang Province". In this uprising, a group of young Communists wrote a revolutionary chapter with their precious lives and built an immortal historical monument.

Kiosk Uprising

Zhejiang red flag first

      The pavilion revolutionary martyrs memorial hall is a provincial historical and cultural relics protection unit, which is designated as a patriotism education base by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government. The pavilion revolutionary memorial group is the only red tourist attraction in Taizhou city.

Pavilion revolutionary martyrs memorial

      After this learning activity, the party members of the company deeply realized that for the victory of the Chinese revolution, countless revolutionary martyrs went on and died bravely. We should not forget the original intention and mission of the Communists, the history, the true character of the party members, the firm ideals and beliefs, the promotion of integrity, hard work and dedication of due strength!